the autopsy report

It’s ready. The autopsy report. After three and a half months of waiting, it’s ready.

I got a letter in the mail stating that it has been completed, and if I send a check for $15, they will send me the report. They don’t usually send a letter like this, apparently. It was only because I called and requested the information (well, I called, and then had to send in a handwritten request for the report once complete).

It’s odd that the state Medical Examiner’s office won’t just send the autopsy reports to parents who have lost their child. But I suppose not everyone wants the documents.

I will be calling Avery’s pediatrician tomorrow to see if we can schedule a time to go over the report. I’d like to understand what I’m reading. And then will schedule a therapy session for husband and I. We will definitely need it.


Author: unaffected

Infertile mother to a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old twinless twin. Surviving motherhood after infant loss.

5 thoughts on “the autopsy report”

  1. Ugh, I remember the day we got my SIL’s autopsy report and being so ready to just “know” but being petrified to know at the same time. Also, Colorado didn’t charge us for it. Weird. At any rate, I hope it brings you more peace than angst and more answers than questions. Abiding with you… 💔


  2. I have been thinking of you, knowing that it was supposed to take around 3mo, and wondering if you had found out but couldn’t share. I’m sorry it has taken so long. I’m glad you’ve made appointments with your support network to help you process the information. I can’t believe they’re charging you for it. I’m sorry.


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