I have to take an infant CPR/first aide class for work.

I’m so dreading it. I already have intense images of what I imagine happened at the babysitter’s house when they found Oliver not breathing.

I’m not sure that an 8 hour day filled with infant CPR and first aide is going to be something that I can handle right now 😦

Author: unaffected

Infertile mother to a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old twinless twin. Surviving motherhood after infant loss.

4 thoughts on “CPR”

  1. Hi there. I don’t comment often but I read you and am in our little FB group . 😊

    It’s too soon. Can you opt out? I think that this could cause you some very serious trauma (it would me). I’m sure your employer would totally understand if you’re just not ready. Please don’t do something that could cause you more wondering, suffering, and pain. ❤


  2. Yes, please try to opt out. You are in a very fragile state right now and this could cause even more trauma (if that’s possible) for you. I’m sure they would understand. (((hugs)))


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